Few uses of prayer are more cynical than the Family Research Council’s weekly voodoo-doll ceremonies in which white male fundamentalists in Washington pray that God will see the light, agree with their self-serving ideologies, and smite their political foes.

XGW could simply whine about that and set the record straight — but there’s already too much whining within the exgay activist movement, and exgays (and those who care about them) would be better served by some constructive role models.

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

So I’d like to either start a prayer blog, or identify an existing one with the same purpose: Answering fundamentalist superstition and prejudice with true walks of faith.

Unlike the holier-than-thou movement, this website would model humility. Unlike the judgmentalists, this site would model interfaith journeys and the truths that are learned from people who are different from us. Instead of manipulating God and spirituality in the pursuit of power over other people, any “prayers,” meditations or contemplations would be directed at self-improvement and improvement of one’s environment and understanding of other people. Occasional readings could be borrowed from Thomas Merton, Kahlil Gibran, and other meditative writers.

Just a thought… Feedback and/or pointers to qualifying websites would be welcome.

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