From Media Matters for America:

Focus on the Family founder and chairman James C. Dobson predicted on his radio program [MP3 file] that allowing same-sex marriage in the United States would lead to “group marriage,” “marriage between daddies and little girls,” or “marriage between a man and his donkey.” Dobson called this vision of the future “more or less a prophecy,” though, he stressed, not a “divine prophecy, but a prediction.” He said that his specific examples, as well as “anything allegedly linked to civil rights,” will be “doable, and the legal underpinnings for marriage will have been destroyed.”

Prophecy? Prediction? No. Just another example of arrogant, pornographic, blasphemous snobbery committed without a trace of repentance by the man who is head of Focus on the Family and de facto godfather of Exodus and the Family Research Council. Unhindered by his army of yes-men at Focus on the Family, FRC and Exodus, Dobson appears to have evolved into the religious right’s leading blasphemer and potty-mouth.

Dobson also claims that, due to gay marriage, “young people are not getting married in the Netherlands.” MMA points out, however, that since the 1970s, Dutch couples have (wisely, perhaps) been waiting longer to get married; same-sex unions have only been legal since 1998.

Addendum: Wayne Besen comments.

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