Exgay activist, author, and former Exodus official Joe Dallas was quoted Sept. 28 by the American Family Association media organ Agape Press (via Jesus Politics):

Dallas points out that homosexual activists’ agenda is not only to normalize the homosexual lifestyle, but also to silence all those who oppose that normalization.

Dallas offers no evidence whatsoever that gay equality activists have sought to silence antigay activists — nor does Dallas define “homosexual lifestyle.”

Dallas urges Christians to “repent of being intimidated” by the voices of tolerance and co-existence. He calls on Christians to commit to a role in Dallas’ dichotomy: a choice between “Christian”-controlled state and a “sociopathic state.”

If Christians allow tolerance and co-existence to continue — if Christians do not silence homosexuals — then Dallas offers this wishful false prophecy: “God will require the blood of the state at the hands of his visible representation, who allowed itself to be intimidated into silence.”

This positive, charitable, spirit-building, humble, loving message was brought to you by the American Family Association.

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