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The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities has ordered the closing of what it calls two unlicensed personal care facilities run by a Christian group that claims to counsel gays to give up homosexuality.

The state inspected two facilities in Memphis on Aug. 19 and determined Love In Action International Inc. was providing housing, meals and personal care for mentally ill patients without a license, according to a subsequent letter to the organization from the Department of Mental Health.

The department gave Love In Action until Sept. 23 to cease operation of the facilities and apply for a state license.

The Love In Action facilities were still in operation as of Sept. 19, according to state spokeswoman Lola Potter.

As the deadline to close approaches, a Fox News affiliate in Memphis was planning to air a report on LIA tonight, according to the local Queer Action Coalition. The affiliate interviewed former LIA client Jeff Harwood.

Another former client, Peterson Toscano, commented Sept. 19 about the “false image” created by LIA about its own leadership. “False Image,” or “F.I.,” has been used as a form of denigration by some exgay counselors against the gender identity of clients who decline to conform their dress, gestures and interests to strict religious-right gender stereotypes.

Gay activist and author Wayne Besen is also tracking this story.

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