Focus on the Family performed a disservice to its readership today when it raised the strawman argument that unnamed gay activists claim 10 percent of the population is gay — only to refute that long-abandoned claim with additional half-truths about a recent CDC survey that was discussed here at XGW.

Focus and the Traditional Values Coalition claim CDC support for their assertion that between one-half of one percent, and at most two percent, of the population is gay. But the survey didn’t say that. CDC reported that 2.3 percent of the sampled population identified “homosexual,” 1.8 percent identified as “bisexual,” 3.9 percent preferred some other label (including, presumably, “gay” or “queer”), and just 90.2 percent of the sample identified as heterosexual.

Focus never identifies these gay “10 percent” activists — to the extent that any ever existed, they appear have faded from existence 10-15 years ago.

But perhaps it’s time for a comeback. With 7 percent of the population identifying as something other than “heterosexual,” and up to 3.9 percent rejecting the conservative label “homosexual” as a description for same-gender attraction and relationship, gay activists may have ceded too much ground to the half-truth-tellers of James Dobson Inc.

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