WorldNetDaily published this wacky, factless diatribe on Banned Books Week, and how libraries are really banning the Christian view by not including antigay scripture tracts with all their young adult fiction. We also have AgapePress highlighting the efforts of exgay Deb French to remove two homosexual magazines from the Upper Arlington Public Library in Arlington, OH. We also have the month-old story whereby Laurie Taylor is trying to get homosexual literature banned from an Arkansas public library. Go back a couple of months and you find more.

I suppose ex-gays like Ms. French would feel awkward about libraries having much more homosexual literature than ex gay literature. I’m surprised there’s not more exgay literature in our libraries, seeing as how hundreds of thousands of people have become ex-gay. With that many exgays and only 2.3 percent of men declaring themselves as gay, you would think the number of authors and books would be a little more even.

I guess this battle will continue just under the radar for as long as the imbalance between gay and antigay literature exists. It rarely gets hot enough to make national headlines, but it seems like every few months another concerned parent decides that certain books are too tabboo for libraries and must be eliminated. Now that the ex gay crowd is getting in on the action, we might be seeing more demands for ex gay literature, rather than just the classical Farenheight 451 Christians.

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