Jamie Dean of WORLD Magazine wrote an article to examine sexuality serve as an unquestioning soapbox for Alan Chambers. I sent WORLD an editorial reply:

Ms. Dean composed a cute piece on Exodus but much like Alan Chambers and his organization gave us no reason to believe a word said. No ex-gay organization has ever provided proof change is possible. They can publish weepy testimonials of change but you take a group of people who desperately seek change and OF COURSE they’re going to self-report positive things to people like Robert L. Spitzer who simply took them at their word regarding change.

As for the number who have changed, even Chambers fabricates that number. In 2003 he was quoted saying ex-gays numbered in the thousands. In 2004 he was quoted as saying “tens of thousands,” and in your publication he’s upped the number to “hundreds of thousands.” [see footnote]

In the words of Exodus, perhaps WORLD should indeed “question homosexuality” a bit more.

Daniel S. Gonzales

In case you aren’t familiar with this “question homosexuality” phrase it’s Exodus’ motto. I intend on hijacking it by continuing to point out how Exodus and their media allies never substantiate or “question” the steady stream of absurdities emanating from Exodus. To “question” means to reason and think. Exodus policy rarely involves either and by using their own motto against them I intend to highlight this hypocrisy.

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