The Washington Post does a two-fer today in covering the ex-gay agenda. The same Sandra Boodman has another article up that doesn’t quite make fun of Richard Cohen.

She skirts the edges of mockery by noting that his marraige was arranged by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the creepy, Kim Jong-Il-esque head of the right-wing newspaper The Washington Times. She describes in a somewhat sardonic tone Cohen’s bizarre practices, which include his hitting a pillow with a tennis racket and screaming “Dad!” and finding a nice man to cuddle with. Boodman also notes that Cohen was permanently expelled from the ACA.

She doesn’t do much to challenge Cohen directly, but in his case, does she really have to? Coehn justifies his lack of a counseling license in the interview by saying he’s “coaching,” and the article ends by quoting him as saying “You’ve got to feel it to heal it.” The facts speak for themselves, and require no explanation.

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