Zach has updated his journal once again, and unleashed another torrent of support / debate / ranting / etc. on his MySpace account. He reaffirms that the last entry was his, refuting the speculation that it was written by somebody else. He promises not to write anything in conflict with his thoughts, but also says:

I really just want to say what I want to say, how I want to say it, but I know that noone will listen if I do that — or get extremely irritated and start to insult me even moreso – and have reason.

Zach had blogged before going into Love in Action about his paren’ts promise that “things would get better, even if it doesn’t work.” This appears to mean that Zach’s father Joe Stark would work harder to maintain a masculine role in the family, and that his friends would be scrutinized more closely in terms of being “sexually safe.” It may also mean he is not allowed to blog any more. He still does not answer any of the questions that everyone wants answered.

So far as anyone can tell, Zach is still 16, a little bewildered, and trying to make sense of a crazy situation. Good luck.

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