Sandra Boodman has an article in the Washington Post discussing ex-gays and the psychology behind the issue. The article is well balanced, in the old sense of presenting the issue and the related facts (as opposed to the new ‘balanced,’ which means presenting lies when the facts don’t back up one side of a debate).

She has quotes from Warren and Joe over at NARTH, Robert Spitzer, Jack Drescher, two ex-ex-gays and one ex-gay. She discusses web sites like inqueery and freetobeme, which are designed to indoctrinate teens and other confused individuals into the ex-gay rhetoric. They bring up the Montgomery County battle, and have Drescher comparing ex-gays and creationists (as well as comparing reorientation therapy to laetrile, the quack cancer cure).

She describes some of the methods and memes of reparative therapy. She fails to challenge Throckmorton’s claim that he has “worked with a lot of clients who’ve done it.” She also fails to challenge or caveat Nicolosi’s claim of “curing” two thirds of the St. Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic’s patients. She mentions the problems associated with the Spitzer study, which Nicolosi relies upon earlier in the article. She also briefly mentions Focus on the Family’s involvement and the three-degrees-removed ties between the Bush Administration and reparative therapy.

All in all not a bad article covering the topic, and the issues associated with it.

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