Southern Voice released an article yesterday highlighting Jerry Falwell’s newfound support for equal housing & employment rights for gays & lesbians, as shown on “The Situation with Tucker Carlson.”

Says Falwell:

FALWELL: But civil—civil rights for all Americans, black, white, red, yellow, the rich, poor, young, old, gay, straight, et cetera, is not a liberal or a conservative value. It‘s an American value that I would think that we pretty much all agree on.

Southern Voice credits Soulforce‘s long-term lobbying of Falwell for the turnaround. Falwell says he still “doesn’t agree with the lifestyle,” but supports antidiscrimination laws protecting gays & lesbians. The argument in the past has been that since gays & lesbians do not exist (only heterosexuals with “SSA Disorder”), no laws should exist to protect them. Now, Falwell eschews that position, favoring the right to privacy instead.

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