I have to admit I enjoy the gay literary genre of autobiographical short stories. In that genre, I’ve found a frequently occurring archetype. (My most recent example is here, fast forward to +42:40) A typical story goes a bit like this:

Two young proto-queers become best of friends. Both boys recognize that they are “different” somehow and share that in common with the other. However, neither boy fully grasps what it means to be gay. Their friendship continues to elevate and reaches a level which is frightening to them just short of physical intimacy. Seemingly at the peak of their relationship one boy suddenly withdraws from the other without explanation. He then attempts to socially alienate his former friend and the two never speak again.

I’ve come across too many examples of this basic story to list. It often seems these sorts of common experiences are the only things that form the foundation of gay culture. Now I’m curious, how many of you have had experiences like this? Here’s the thing, this sort of experience never happened to me.

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