The Christian Post had an article about Exodus. While it is basically a bland little information piece, there are a few items in it which are worth noticing.

First, the article points out the difference in perception relating to orientation origin between the general populace and the Evangelical Christians:

Secular society is mixed in its understanding of what some call “the gay gene.” According to a Barna report released in July 2001, about half of all adults believe that homosexuality is a result of the environment. One third of Americans believe people are born gay, and 17 percent are not sure.

However, among Evangelical Christians, general opinion is quite clear: 85 percent of them believe a person is not gay from birth.

The article also explained why Exodus and others are willing to go on Penn & Teller or other programs that ridicule their position:

“Whether they criticize us or not, the great thing is we get to proclaim the good news about freedom in Jesus Christ,” said Chambers. “Every time that we are talked about, written about, or appear on a television broadcast, people call. People who want this alternative, call, and they get the good news that people can change.”

We should keep in mind that while we view the programs as a warning as to the dangers of their “therapy”, they view it as free advertising.

Of particular concern is a project that Chambers discussed relating to the recruitment of children into the ex-gay lifestyle:

Chambers believes that “anyone who’s smart these days would focus on the young because the truth is those who influence the young influence the future.”

This is why Chambers plans to launch a nationwide campaign to educate the young, their parents, and youth workers through distributing literature on campuses, and by having three sets of conferences: one for the youth, one for their parents and youth workers, and one for pastors.

As we know that the ex-gay lifestyle is damaging and unhealthy, as witnessed by so many that have come out of it, we need to vigilant in our warning of parents, schools, and others about this ex-gay agenda to seduce our children to this harmful way of life.

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