There’s some buzz going about on the right about a death threat being put out against exgay activist James Hartline. Red State forwards this quote:

“The moment was never riper for the San Diego (LGBT) community to push for the elimination and suppression of the James Hartline’s (sic) of the world. We currently have an openly lesbian (interim) mayor of San Diego and an openly gay mayor of Chula Vista; PEOPLE….WE are in POWER! WE are IN CHARGE!”

The quote was originally published in World Net Daily, who did not deign to link to the source or cite where and when it was released. It is not on the Hillquest web site, whom they alleged published it. There is essentially no proof that this quote was ever published outside of World Net Daily.

If this quote was actually published by anyone, then that is very regrettable, and whoever said it should apologize. Calling for “elimination” of people and suppression of free speech is a bad thing. But since World Net Daily doesn’t have anything to go on but reactionary invective, there’s no way to know.

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