I was contacted by Penn & Teller last January, 2005, and asked if I conducted Reparative Therapy. I told them no and they asked if I knew of someone who did. Well I sent them to Richard Cohen of course knowing who Penn and Teller are and what they would do by featuring him.

Sure enough my partner and I watched Penn & Teller: Bullshit! on Showtime July 18. It featured Family Values and showcased Richard Cohen’s non-sexual MANLOVE advice!

They did not refer to Richard Cohen as Richard–but rather Dick. If you know anything about this show it very humorously illustrates things in our culture that do not make sense and they make fun of things very similar to the Daily Show with John Stewart.

If you can catch the show it is very entertaining. “Dick” really looked the part. It was very good exposure for the ridiculousness of Reparative Therapy.

In some weird way I feel proud of referring Penn and Teller to Dick Cohen.

Warmly, Joe Kort

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