Metrosexuality may be gaining ground — against the wishes of one exgay activist and the leading antigay media organizations.

Google finds several articles in the antigay media in which Exodus official Randy Thomas wags his fingers at modern men who practice good grooming and tasteful attire.

I briefly assessed some of these prejudices against metrosexuality here in September 2003. (On the following day, my un-metrosexual partner discussed his own aversion to labels.)

Thomas, unfortunately, likes to label people. In one particular remark last year, Thomas accused well-groomed men (metrosexuals) and supporters of women’s equality and opponents of violence against women (the “secular feminist movement”) of disobeying God and contributing to a culture of private sexual liberty, sexual abuse, manhating and womanhating:

“We live in a society that is doing everything it can to obliterate God-given gender roles to begin with,” Thomas says, citing the recently-created term of ‘metrosexual’ and the secular feminist movement. “We also have a very sexually permissive and abusive society that sometimes creates environments which cause people to not want to identify with their own gender. Mysandry (fear and/or hatred of men) and mysogyny (fear and/or hatred of women) are rampant and even celebrated.”

It appears, however, Thomas and the antigay movement’s media organs are losing some ground in their battle against metrosexuality:

This week, an Associated Press reporter reports that retail growth in the metrosexual market is stronger than ever. Sales are up anywhere from 10 percent to 68 percent in the past year, according to various measures.

According to the article, thirtysomething male executives have discovered that good looks make a big difference in their careers, as they compete for jobs — and sales — with more youthful-looking twentysomethings. While cosmetics companies have catered to career ladder-climbers for years, now even CVS is getting into the act with an exclusive line of men’s grooming products.

Men are feeling pressure to groom themselves not only for career growth, but also from the women in their lives — and from increasingly polished celebrity athletes in the sports that they follow.

Marketing expert Karen Grant predicts that sales of metrosexual products will continue to soar for another two years before leveling off.

But there’s still hope for Thomas: After all, his organization has the support of hundreds of thousands of exgays — right?

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