I hope you’ve all been catching Salon’s four-part series on the work of ex-gay ministries. In Part I, they cover PFOX’ efforts to prevent anti-bullying measures in schools. In Part II, a straight reporter goes undercover into a “reparative therapy” session.

Today’s installment is about the Rev. Grace Harley, who:

…used to be a lesbian who posed as a man to marry a woman. Now she has overcome cocaine and “little hot-to-trot women” and is speaking out to save homosexual sinners.

The series is definitely worth reading, regardless of one’s perspective on the legitimacy of ex-gay ministries. I found today’s installment troubling, in particular this quote:

Politically correct people do not understand that gay people “taint” others around them, she [Harley] says, and so gays should be barred from the Boy Scouts of America. “Birds of a feather flock together,” Harley tells us. “It’s not in the Bible, but it’s true. You can’t have a homosexual buddy and think you are going to be buddy-buddy and nothing [will get] off on you. You will become tainted and corrupted.

As gay blogger John at By the Bayou notes:

This is a call for social shunning of gay people. We have bad gay cooties that will leap off of us and get on you, so you better run, and lock up the women lest they become lesbians.

Indeed, it is hard to read Harley’s message any other way.

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