The Houston Voice and New York Blade follow up earlier reporting with a new story today on Jerry Falwell’s July 21 appearance at the week-long Exodus International conference in Asheville, N.C.

Worthy of note:

1. During worship, Falwell summoned an altar call, promising a “miracle.”

2. The reporter was required to be accompanied and monitored by an Exodus representative at all times.

3. Exodus co-founder Frank Worthen coached a classroom of 60 people — many of whom already appeared to be married — on how to achieve and endure an exgay marriage.

Emphasis below is XGW’s:

“Men are ready for marriage when their desire to be protected becomes a desire to protect,” Worthen said. “A man should also have three years of celibacy,” he added, “and have been free of pornography and masturbation for some time.” …

Worthen said men need to become “hard and masculine” in order to be able to enjoy the soft, mushy feel of a woman. To become firmer, it is OK for a man to work out a little bit, he said, just not too much.

He also said that many wives wonder whether their ex-gay husbands will expect them to engage in the “unnatural” sex practices to which they imagine their husbands have become accustomed. Not so, Frank said, and he recommended that couples avoid oral sex, which could stimulate gay fantasies.

The Worthens said physical intimacy should proceed slowly, and it is best to wait until marriage to experiment with deep kissing. There should be no commitment to sexual performance on the wedding night, they said, and some prudent couples wait a year after marriage before even attempting sexual intercourse.

Frank Worthen also warned the crowd that gay friends are a one-way ticket back to “the lifestyle.”

Clearly, Worthen sees the prospect of exgays getting to know real gay people as a serious threat to exgay movement stereotypes.

Exodus president Alan Chambers gloats (as he frequently does) that he has, on some unidentified occasion, received feces in the mail from some unidentified gay activist.

Better to talk about excretory functions, one supposes, than to voice disagreement with Worthen — or with Falwell’s call for the forcible confinement of youths in exgay boot camps.

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