Dear Reader,

If you have some writing experience, convey messages with a civil and factual tone, and believe you could improve on our content (such as it is), please consider volunteering for Ex-Gay Watch.

Ideal candidates read XGW or similar blogs frequently, support freedom of religion and expression, reject discrimination and censorship as a tool for one’s own political advancement, oppose the religious right, and relate well with both “liberals” and “conservatives.” Gay-tolerant exgays, in particular, are encouraged to apply.

I’ve started a new job this week, so please accept my apologies for posting so little about the activities of Exodus and Love In Action against same-sex-attracted and confused youths. Other XGW writers have been busy also, though Daniel Gonzales is now back from a long weekend.

We have plenty of news to report, and plenty of room for expansion. So if you like to write and wish to make a difference, consider helping us out. Thanks!

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