Two years ago at Troy High-school in Troy, Michigan a teacher put up a poster that read “Gay people are everyday people.” That’s the full extent of the controversial poster text given by the AgapePress. Controversy backfired on anti-gay protesters and the school has since ordered more posters. Of course the fuss continues, hence today’s article. The only explanation of the poster text quoted in the AgapePress article is from local parent, Tony Cruz:

The Michigan father says the posters represent “a very aggressive and, in my opinion, very mean-spirited way of trying to take minor children and imbue them with the mindset that, ‘Hey, you will not only tolerate these people; you will celebrate, enjoy and promote this lifestyle. And even though you’re one of those freaks who is not into your own gender, that’s okay. We’ll tolerate you, too.'”

The school officials’ complicity with homosexual activists in hanging the “Gay people” posters at Troy High is only part of “just an absolutely terrible thing that they’re doing with young children today,”

Wow, that’s quite a bit he managed to extract from “Gay people are everyday people.” This guy could write an entire masters thesis from a haiku.

Feel free to contact Jim Brown, the author of the article by clicking here. Perhaps you could ask him why he chose to publish such outlandish hyperbole in reaction to a message of tolerance and peace. Or feel free to mention how he failed to quote an Evangelical Christian who thinks maybe gay people should be able to go about their everyday lives even if it’s an abominable sin.

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