Alert Reader Regan DuCasse brings a story at Southern Voice titled “Leading mental health group backs same-sex marriage” this to my attention. Yes I know that’s old news, but there’s a twist so read on:

Dr. Robert Spitzer, credited with spearheading the movement to remove homosexuality as a disease from the psychiatric diagnostic manual more than 30 years ago, said he is pleased the APA is supporting same-sex marriage.

“I think the APA has always been concerned with social issues and how they affect mental health and marriage certainly affects how gay couples live,” he said Tuesday. “It’s hard for me to be against that. It will make a lot of gay couples happy.”

Spitzer is professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and chief of the New York State Psychiatric Institute’s Biometrics Research Department. In 2003, he presented research at the APA’s annual meeting stating that gay men and lesbians can successfully change their sexual orientation.

“I don’t see that as a contradiction,” he said. “Marriage does certainly affect self-esteem and mood and becomes a psychiatric issue.”

Queer how NONE* of the religious, mainstream or even gay media chose to quote Spitzer when reporting on this story when it broke a week ago.

*ok I do like to have a life, if someone finds an exception please post a comment

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