The TV Land network is airing a special this month called “Tickled Pink” which discusses classic TV shows and characters gay viewers have historically identified with. AFA lackey Ed Vitagliano had this to say: (link)

“I watched the show with a deep sense of sadness,” Vitagliano notes. “It made me realize all the more how much Christians need to reach out to gays and lesbians, who are often extremely lonely people.” Not that homosexuals are to be pitied, he adds, “any more than we are all to be pitied by God.” But although many homosexuals may feel they are lacking intimacy and a sense of connection with people of their same sex, the AFA spokesman says, “What they really need is a relationship with Jesus.”

Hmm… Well at least this time there’s no direct mention of re-orienting gays, all that’s mentioned is how they need the AFA’s version of god. All gay people apparently lack a certain closeness with their own gender and once they have the one and only “correct” religion (since we all know gay churches aren’t real churches) gays will no longer lack this sense of connection? And Jesus has what to do with my social life now? I’m confused. Are we aiming for a heterosexual orientation or the ever popular non-sexuality adopted by celibate gays? But let’s not read too far into Ed’s statement here; after all, he never even mentions any sort of change in orientation, he just says my social life will improve if I believe in his god.

Feel free to share your feelings on this article with the author here.

I have to confess, when I was young I had a thing for Get Smart and most notably Bewitched and The Love Boat both of which are high on the classic TV gay-o-meter. And judging by Mike Airhart’s hold music last time I called, I’d say he’s a friend of Samantha too. *sigh* If only we’d had the correct version of Jesus. Feel free to share your favorite classic TV show and don’t forget to also include the factor missing from your life that made you watch that particular show.

One last thing; While the AgapePress is declaring you can’t be gay and Christian, the WorldNetDaily poll is “Can a porn star be a real Christian?” The vast majority of readers appear to have been gifted with the god-like ability to judge someone’s heart and have decided one faces eternal damnation unless one changes careers. I couldn’t make up stuff this good.

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