In case anyone is interested, Paul Cameron has come up with yet more “proof” that homosexuality causes an early death.

But if the press release is correct, Cameron has merely collected data comparing death rates from AIDS among various populations: showing that AIDS is correlated with a shorter lifespan. This is tragic, of course, but no surprise to anyone.

Cameron’s proof that homosexuality itself contributes to shortened life, is that heterosexuals with AIDS, on average, died later in life than gays with AIDS:

The CDC reported that 9% of heterosexuals who died of AIDS were at least 65 years of age. But less than 4% of homosexuals and IV drug abusers who died of AIDS reached 65.

Unless I’m missing something, that fact by itself doesn’t show anything. Wouldn’t the simplest explanation be that those gays who died of AIDS in the past decade contracted the virus at a younger age than heterosexuals who also died of AIDS?

I’m not even sure how to address the implied assumption here: that all gay people will eventually die of AIDS. I’m sure Paul Cameron would deny that this is his intended message, but it’s hard to read the press release any other way.

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