I’ve read Stephen Bennett’s blog entry about an inappropriate booklet found by antigay activists a Boston-area sex-ed program. (Previous XGW coverage.) I’ve read Bennett’s quotations of GLSEN and public officials, the blog comments, and the linked news articles:

Boston Herald, May 18
Boston Herald, May 19
Boston Globe, May 19

Some quick observations:

  • The booklet’s wording does seem to be directed inappropriately at youth, despite Fenway Community Health’s claims.
  • As for claims that the booklet is pure pornography, I note that antigay activist Brian Camenker, of the Article 8 Alliance, is only showing the public a few offensive pages from the book, so I can’t determine whether the booklet, overall, is as offensive as what Camenker is spotlighting.
  • I see no apology or retraction from Bennett, Camenker, Throckmorton, and the other antigay activists behind the current scandal, for their effort to blame GLSEN for the action of some pathetic idiot at Fenway Community Health.

If I have more thoughts later, I’ll add them here.

Addendum, May 20: Bennett, Camenker, Throckmorton et al may be reluctant to share their own agendas for sex education for a reason: Few Americans would sympathize with these gentlemen if it were publicly known how extreme some of their closest allies are.

The Washington Post on May 19 profiled Michelle Turner, one of Throckmorton’s allies in a battle to overturn comprehensive abstinence-plus sex education in suburban Washington, D.C.

Post reporter Paul Duggan offers a flattering look at Turner, a divorced-and-remarried Mormon. According to the Post, Turner has exercised total control over her children’s access to friends, culture, and the media, ensuring that they are never exposed to TV, movies, music or people that she deems objectionable. This includes a TV device that automatically mutes televised speech and substitutes a caption containing her own selected words.

Now, it seems, she wishes to extend that control — much of her strict Mormon way of life — over the public-school children of Montgomery County, Maryland.

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