Alert reader Scott Hutcheson brought a story of the gay-teen-suicide of Jeffrey Price to my attention. Excerpts:

His battle, involving his sexuality and his depression led to two suicide attempts, five stays at psychiatric wards and a constant feeling he let his father down. Just when Jeff seemed to find some comfort within, his life was ended in May 2004 by what police call an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to the face. [paragraph] Although the existence of a “gay gene” is a battle still fought between the religious, the political, the scientific and the homosexual, many researchers and gay people believe they are born gay. Jeff’s mother believes so too. She said her son was gay, even if he tried to date girls. She feels his failure to convert to heterosexuality only compounded his depression.

For all of the spiritual guidance that the church brought to Jeff, his inability to convert to a heterosexual lifestyle was to him just another form of failure, his family said.

“Please understand why I chose to die,” he wrote. “I have suffered way too much. I would have suffered the rest of my life, so I had no choice at all … No matter what, no one could have helped. I was still gay and no one could change it.”

Not that another testimony of a gay-teen suicide would make any difference to Melissa Fryrear at Focus…

Soulforce’s recent protest at Focus spotlighted testimony of Mary Lou and Bob Wallner, parents of a lesbian daughter who killed herself after enduring years of arrogant demands for “change” in “mind and attitude” from Mary Lou, based on beliefs derived in part from Focus on the Family.

Fryrear’s belittling response to Mary Lou and Bob Wallner:

Melissa Fryrear, Focus on the Family gender issues analyst, said White’s suicide allegation is untrue. A former lesbian, Fryrear has ministered to ex-gays for more than a decade. While she agreed some homosexuals are suicidal, she strongly disputed the reason given for it.

“From my vantage point,” she said, “the people that I found were suicidal are those who thought they were trapped in homosexuality, who thought they had to live homosexually. And so they actually had been filled with hope when we shared with them that, ‘No, you can come out of this.'”

Fryrear essentially turns around and blames gays for promoting suicide by somehow denying people hope for “change.” This response totally ignores any claims made by the Wallners which is insulting, demeaning and downright ugly. I doubt another tragic loss, this time Jeffrey Price, will have any effect on her darkened heart.

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