Tucked away on their CitizenLink, Focus On Social Issues, Homosexuality and Gender page Focus issues a rebuttal to various charges made by Soulforce against James Dobson.

Soulforce Makes 8 “Charges” Against Dr. Dobson:

1. “Dobson says that homosexuality is a mental disorder caused by family problems and bad parenting.”

The truth:

Here, Soulforce greatly distorts Dobson’s views on the root causes of homosexuality. In fact, Dobson and many others in the mental health field see homosexuality as a developmental condition stemming from a combination of factors — including, but not limited to, dysfunctional family relationships.

Focus, just reiterates exactly what they’re annoyed at Soulforce for having accused Dobson of having said. This is so idiotic it makes my brian hurt. Let’s jump to charge number 4:

4. “Dobson says homosexuality can be prevented by parents and cured through ‘reparative therapy’.”

The truth:

Since evidence shows that homosexuality is best seen as a developmental condition resulting from a combination of factors (see #1), to say that it is preventable in the family setting is accurate. However, Dr. Dobson does not use the term “cure” when referring to the various approaches used by therapists in assisting individuals seeking to reorient their sexual identity. Here, Soulforce is putting words into Dr. Dobson’s mouth.

Changing one’s sexual identity isn’t just a “right-wing Christian” thing. Not only have thousands of people come out of their homosexual identities based upon firmly held religious convictions, many people in the secular arena have also changed their sexual orientation.

Wait… So you mean change is possible without Jesus? No, Focus couldn’t possibly stick to that line; Let’s look at another document published by Focus, “Straight Answers: Exposing the Myths and Facts About Homosexuality

“The road begins not with just giving up on the gay life, not with trying to relate with a woman, not with just trying to relate to other men in a different way; it begins with coming into a relationship with God”

So do I need Jesus to be straight or not? I’m confused… Focus is confused… Once again, my brain hurts. (And it’s not because I went to The Abbey, a popular bar frequented by homosexuals, the last two nights in a row.) Again Focus just reiterates exactly what Soulforce said-they-said so Focus decides to respond saying-it-again in case we didn’t swallow their snake oil the first time.

Focus does have a legitimate grievance, it’s true Soulforce paraphrased Dobson and he never actually said the word “cure.” Just for the record, he said:
“turn their boys around”
(it’s ok to snicker at this one)
“permanent change”

Let’s make it very clear, under no circumstances has Dobson ever said “cure” per say, just seven words that basically mean the same thing.

There are plenty more comedic gems in Focus’ rebuttal but I chose two in the interest of time and relevance to ex-gay issues. Rest assured the rest of the document is as poorly thought out as what I’ve cited here. Interestingly, the subtitle of Focus’ rebuttal article is “Soulforce’s Rhetoric is Shrill and Vitriolic.” No, I’d say Soulforce is simply brining attention to what James Dobson has said virtually word-for-word and presenting medical facts agreed upon by the vast majority of medical professionals. It’s Focus that responds with wild and questionable rhetoric. Did Focus have a little office party some Friday afternoon and after discovering the punch had been spiked the only person left to write this was a slightly inebriated intern? No, sadly it was written by what appears to be a full-grown and literate adult, Kermit Rainman, Social Research Analyst at Focus and ex-gay extraordinaire. I mean really, I think Soulforce’s rally event is childish but this rebuttal written by Rainman is just nonsensical tripe. It’s little surprise his talking points have have been absent from Focus radio broadcasts this last week.

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