On Monday May 2nd when Soulforce is protesting by taking the public tour at Focus headquarters, the Focus On The Family daily broadcast is scheduled to feature the ex-gay testimony of former prostitute turned Focus staffer and Exodus board member Mike Haley. I’m sure this comes as great relief to “the tyrannical judiciary” which has regularly been in the cross-hairs of Focus On The Family broadcasts for the last two weeks. It’s about time Dobson get back to his preoccupation of obsessing over the lives of gay Americans.

For your own spiritual enlightenment, you should know Haley is on record for having said his own failed relationship wasn’t monogamous therefore the existence of any committed same-sex relationship is “an absolute fallacy.”

“…it was open on both ends of our relationship so the whole monogamous thing as Dr. Nicolosi talked about is just an absolute fallacy.”(*)

I expect Monday to be an uplifting hour “when we once again turn our hearts toward home” quoting host John Fuller. On Monday you can listen online here.

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