On March 30, pro-exgay pundit Warren Throckmorton criticized Dear Abby, who in a recent column told a parent:

"It is not uncommon for the parents of a gay child to feel guilt or
shame, when in truth, it has nothing to do with the quality of their
parenting and everything to do with genetics."

Throckmorton’s objection to an overemphasis on genetics is understandable.

But Throckmorton also objects to the columnist’s referral list for parents with gay children: He says the parents’ group PFLAG and the D.C. Children’s Hospital "perpetuate the belief that homosexuality is an inborn identity with no
words of caution concerning the flexibility of identity in adolescence."

Neither PFLAG nor the Children’s Hospital gender variance program, nor any other significant pro-tolerance or medical organizations that XGW knows of, assert that sexual orientation is an "inborn identity."

(Hat tip: Jim Burroway)

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