In an interview with Marvin Olasky for World magazine, longtime exgay movement pundit Dr. Jeffrey Satinover argues that because:

  1. homosexuality is not a uniform attribute across individuals,
  2. sexual attraction fluctuates, and
  3. homosexuality cannot easily be measured

therefore sexual orientation is a fiction and it is, Satinover argues, ludicrous to allow civil rights for a group of people whose condition does not exist.

Satinover asserts that some homosexuals’ attractions drift in a heterosexual direction, but does not acknowledge that the opposite also happens.

Satinover also injects his own political biases into a recollection of the American Psychiatric Association, and accuses the professional community of rampant corruption because it tolerates gay people:

The mental-health organizations have submitted briefs to courts at
every level, and have profoundly corrupted our understanding of human
sexuality tacitly via their general influence. They influence judges’
understanding before they become judges so that when a man or woman
becomes a judge he is, for all purposes, an ignoramus with respect to
homosexuality, full to the brim with sentimental platitudes.

Satinover illogically assumes that heterosexuality is "stable" whereas homosexuality is not; all homosexual persons are called "broken," while heterosexuals are not.

Considering the inflammatory tone of Satinover’s remarks about clinical professionals and the rights of gay Americans, the ensuing discussion on World magazine’s blog is remarkably civil.

(Hat tip: Dan Gonzales)

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