Some 69 times, the web site of exgay movement marketer and financier Focus on the Family promotes antigay politician and commentator Alan Keyes.

So did this cached page from exgay activist Stephen’s Bennett’s web site — until someone very recently deleted the page.

And Keyes was the keynote speaker for the 1999 conference of aggrieved-parents group PFOX.

Yesterday The Washington Post confirmed that Keyes and his wife have kicked 19-year-old daughter Maya out of the house, denied her support for college, and stopped talking with her, due in part to Maya’s decision to be publicly honest about her sexual orientation.

Money quote by Maya, who shares some of her father’s conservatism:

"They say most parents would be thrilled to have a child who doesn’t
smoke, have sex, do drugs, hardly drinks…, does well in school,
gets good grades, gets into the Ivy League…, goes regularly to
church, spends free time mentoring kids."

Alan Keyes and his wife apparently disagree.

Will either Focus on the Family or PFOX publicly urge Alan Keyes to set a better example? Or will they respond with the same silence that has followed news about PFOX president Richard Cohen’s lapses in professional conduct?

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