Allan Johnson wrote to Ex-Gay Watch with an update to the original post that appeared on this page. I have deleted the earlier comments, simply because they were based on older information.

Allan Johnson is working on a documentary series entitled "Thirty Days" with Morgan Spurlock, the producer/writer/star of "Super Size Me," which is currently nominated for an Oscar. The project also includes R.J. Cutler, who won an Oscar for his documentary, "The War Room."

For one segment of the documentary, Johnson seeks pairs of brothers — one brother gay, the other antigay. The intent is to move the antigay brother into a living situation with a homosexual roommate for 30 days.

Earlier, the documentary had sought an antigay father and gay son. At the time, Johnson said, "We have no specific expectations in reference to the homophobia of the father, nor do we intend to disrespect or discredit the views of him. We simply wish to explore whether any common ground can be discovered and see whether or not it can’t lead to a changed relationship betwen the father and his homosexual son. The father’s act would be an attempt on his part to reach out to his son despite his own personal beliefs."

The same underlying goal applies to the pair of brothers.

While a press release about "30 Days" was copied here last autumn at a reality-TV site, the intent is not a "reality TV" approach but rather a documentary by award-winning producers.

Persons who know of brothers divided in both belief and identity regarding sexual orientation, who might be interested in participating, may contact Johnson at (310) 202-1272 ext. 160 or via e-mail.

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