Easy Media Creator 7 burns music, movies and data onto CDs and DVDs. I use it to back up data from my computer.

The software works well for me. Unfortunately, the company’s outsourced $20 rebate program appears to be a scam. RebatesHQ.com is rejecting valid rebate requests, claiming that valid UPC barcodes aren’t valid.

This happened to me, and it seems I’m not alone. I’m curious to know whether other shoppers have been ripped off by Roxio or its contractor.

If you opt to buy Roxio EMC7, be forewarned that the inflated shelf price ($99.99) may be exactly what you’ll pay in the end. Amazon.com shoppers are being doubly lied to: Shoppers are being falsely told they can buy the software for $34.99 by submitting two mutually exclusive rebate requests.

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