Exodus regularly tells gay people to closet their sexuality, and suggests that to do otherwise lacks sexual and spiritual integrity.

But for the church trial of lesbian United Methodist minister Beth Stroud, Exodus changes its definition of integrity.

In a Dec. 10 Exodus press release, the antigay Rev. Karen Booth challenges Stroud’s integrity because she allegedly did closet herself. Booth also asks numerous leading questions but denies readers the answers provided by Stroud.

Booth and Exodus, which has turned Focus on the Family and the far right into spiritual idols, accuse Stroud of "idolatry" — after redefining the word, accusing Stroud (without substantiation) of "pride that exalts itself above the
authority of Scripture, above the legitimate will of the Church, and
even above God" — and sloppily paraphrasing a conveniently unnamed "non-Christian" "Soul Force" (sic) "member." The national Soulforce organization does not have "members," however, and its spokespersons are Christian.

Speaking with the endorsement of Exodus, Booth concludes by accusing all or most gay people of faith of having "idolatrous, unrepentant" hearts. But throughout her tirade, Booth’s tone of voice indicates that it is someone else who suffers from a proud, bitter and unrepentant heart.

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