I have quoted little from Exodus leaders Randy Thomas and Alan Chambers recently, because they repeat the same ludicrous, unimaginative, thoughtless, unresearched mantra that has been playing, like a scratched vinyl record, for several years now:

According to Exodus HQ, gay people are, without exception, "liberal," intolerant, and "elitist." What Chambers, Thomas and the Exodus media blog don’t say explicitly, but clearly intend, is that they support intolerance and elitism when either one is antigay. And they seem to define "liberal" to mean, conveniently, almost anything that they happen to disagree with.

Exodus and Focus on the Family are open about their desire to drive "homosexuals" out of the churches, out of the media, out of government, out of the schools, and out of "moral" workplaces. If those goals do not constitute intolerance and elitism, then frankly I don’t know what does.

But I have digressed from the purpose of this message.

Gay libertarian Jason Kuznicki conveniently brings together numerous links to gay libertarian bloggers and other writers: Proof that, unlike Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas, many gay writers value free enterprise, freedom of speech, freedom of opportunity, freedom of religion, and freedom from oppressive government.

Kuznicki unfortunately did not link to the Independent Gay Forum, where I volunteer as the lead techie. But IGF is not uniformly libertarian (nor even uniformly conservative) so I forgive the oversight.

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