Based on a single unidentified survey, writer David Klinghoffer helps Christianity Today redefine “secularist” as irreligious and unethical.

Secularism, as I see it, is a separation of church and state that acts as religious Americans’ single strongest shield against one religious sect or denomination using government to suppress all other faiths — as well as science. Secularism is not a religion. It is a defense of religions — more specifically, a defense of religious expression that differs from that of one’s neighbor. It is a defense of each individual person or group’s relationship with God.

Secularism, as the self-deluded religious right sees it, is atheism. It is evolution. It is reason. It is honest moral disagreement and ambiguity. It is an admission of the faint possibility that one’s own faith, while perhaps better for me than my neighbor’s faith would be, is neither perfect nor absolute.

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