Aggrieved-relatives group PFOX complains to the religious-right media that its exgay billboard in Richmond, Va., has been vandalized.

But a closer look at the billboard finds faded streaks of red ink. The billboard is mostly unharmed. (Hat tip: John Aravosis.)

Whether this is a case of vandalism or poor workmanship and rainy weather, PFOX executive director Regina Griggs claims to be able to read the vandals’ minds. She boasts of the red ink as proof that exgays are persecuted and that "gay activists" are uncomfortable with the "truth" that any gay person can become heterosexual. Griggs’ absolutism about sexual orientation — her notion that if one person can "change" to any degree, then anyone can become heterosexual — is, in effect, a repudiation of her own family experience: Her gay son has been unable to make the "change" that she markets to others.

If I were Griggs, I’d be working with local pro-tolerance activists to track down the specific vandals and discourage both gay and antigay vandalism.

Instead, Griggs seems to be content with her victimhood.

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