The recent e-mail message was short, and completely devoid of substantiation:

Mr. Editor Person-

Umm… yes… I know you will dismiss me as a conspirator from the “Religious Right” as you hippie liberals so love to call it, but I think you are very disturbed by the ex-gay movement because you know what you are doing is NOT normal. You hate ex-gays more than straight people hate homosexuals, and your assumptions that homosexuality is normal are biased and obviously for purposes of self-acceptance. And I know you would say I’m homophobic and blah blah blah, but I have a few gay friends whom I love dearly and whose life choices I don’t begrudge. But they are also very accepting of ex-gays because they believe that all people are entitled to acceptance, unlike you, a hyprocite, and a hate-monger just as much as you claim the “Religious Right” to be. You sicken me, and not because you’re gay. You sicken me because you do the very things to other people that you don’t want them to do to you, when many ex-gays sympathize with the very problems you experienced. EX-GAYS ARE ON YOUR SIDE!!! Homophobia is a problem for SOCIETY, not just gays. But not everything is homophobia. Maybe some people just accept the fact that some people are not happy being gay, and not because they won’t be accepted (obviously, because people like you crap all over them), but because they just don’t think its NORMAL and NATURAL. I’m sorry you are such an angry person that you have to begrudge people’s life choices that differ from your own… but that’s a characteristic of just the “Religious Right”… right?


Here are some obvious questions that the writer didn’t address:

How does Ex-Gay Watch “hate” ex-gays?
Has Ex-Gay Watch ever approvingly used the word “homophobic”?
How is Ex-Gay Watch un-accepting of ex-gays who oppose prejudice and discrimination?
How often does Ex-Gay Watch express anger?

Examples, please.

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