The news and entertainment weekly Houston Press profiles exgays in its Oct. 14 issue.

Sometimes sarcastic, often serious, the article balances the journeys of several exgays and exexgays through religious struggle, sexual maturation and moderation, and conflicting therapeutic worldviews.

The article’s balance of sincere anecdotes is marred by the politics of activist Randy Thomas. Despite Exodus’ outspoken lobbying for discriminatory laws and constitutional amendments, Thomas claims to be a victim of gay misinformation and misunderstanding:

“It’s not our goal to make anybody do anything,” Thomas says from Orlando. “We present our lives and our opinions and, you know, people will come and ask us for those things…We’re here, this is our lives, if you are of like mind, we’d be glad to help you. If you’re not of like mind, will you tolerate what you can’t accept?”

Thomas’ chutzpah is astonishing.

(Hat tip: James from the U.K.)

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