The Southern Voice reports that a Georgia state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and domestic partnerships is causing division among the state’s churches.

Among the culture warriors: Ex-gay activist Darryl Foster, who claims to speak for God in promoting discrimination and asserts that anyone who votes otherwise is unrighteous:

Many black pastors throughout the state are also using their pulpit to advocate for the amendment, according to Rev. D.L. Foster, a pastor at Restoration Church in College Park.

“There’s a lot of behind the scenes activity and a very strong resolve among African-American pastors in the greater Atlanta area to insure that the people in their churches and their circle of influence vote righteously,” said Foster, who identifies as an ex-gay man.

“It does more when, on Sunday, you go and sit in church and hear your pastor say this is God’s word on this issue — it means much more than some rally,” he added.

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