Aggrieved-relatives group PFOX has launched an exgay billboard on Interstate 64 near Richmond, Va.

The billboard, an enlarged and repurposed version of its 2003 Washington, D.C., subway ad, declares that “Ex-Gays prove that change is possible.”

The billboard’s claim that PFOX seeks “tolerance for all” is curious, given PFOX’s history of activity in favor of discrimination. (Previous XGW coverage of PFOX.)

In a religious-right news article published today, PFOX executive director Regina Griggs is quoted arguing that, because evidence for a biological basis for homosexuality is inconclusive, homosexuality must be entirely a matter of choice.

XGW would like to know the identity, whereabouts and status of the model who posed for the original PFOX ad. Was the model exgay? Is the model still exgay? What is his opinion of the billboard? And who funded the billboard?

A PFOX press release for the billboard does not answer these questions, but it does cast a shadow over the organization’s call for mutual tolerance.

RICHMOND, VIRGINA [sic] – At a time when homosexual activists are seeking special rights, such as “gay marriage,” hate crime laws, adopting children and promoting homosexuality in schools, they are also attacking the freedoms of the ex-gay community.

The press release supports the exclusion of gays from hate crime and adoption laws and from antiviolence programs in public schools. Titled, “PFOX AND EX-GAYS WANT YOUR RESPECT,” the press release continues PFOX’s tradition of demanding tolerance and respect by shouting at the public and promoting discrimination. And it offers no evidence that (unnamed) “homosexual activists” are “attacking the freedoms” of the ex-gay community.

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