Speaking for Exodus, exgay activist Nancy Brown scolds gay people today for wanting the same things that heterosexuals take for granted: marriages, kids, trustworthiness, jobs, scholarships, and notoriety on TV.

And she wags her finger at Atlanta activists for announcing a Boycott for Equality to achieve what Brown relabels “elitism.”

Brown rhetorically asks, “Are heterosexual persons really offered these same advantages based on the fact that they are not gay?”

Actually, yes, they are. If she had one to spare, would Brown offer a job, an orphaned kid, or a scholarship to a homosexual? Of course not. Surely Brown would not consider a scholarship for Jewish, Buddhist or married students “elitist”? Sadly, it appears that Brown believes homosexuals are inherently elitist, facts notwithstanding.

A footnote: The Boycott for Equality has been criticized as impractical and unfocused by some gay rights advocates. Brown overlooks this diversity of opinion among activists, and neglects to explain how the opposing fronts can both qualify as elitist.

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