I’ve got bigger stories than this to report, but I’ve been busy. A couple folks gave me a gentle push about this item, though, so here it is.

Jon Rowe notes an interesting thing about ex-gay ex-tolerance activist Noe Gutierrez, who was mentioned by XGW a couple days ago.

The interesting thing here is that this fellow‘s “born-again” experience, which in turn lead to his “change” away from homosexuality, was facilitated or even wholly caused by a trip on magic mushrooms.

Rowe’s assessment of Gutierrez is a bit harsher than mine: I simply acknowledge that some people come to religion in strange ways that contradict a claim to moral purity or clarity of mind. I don’t have a problem with that.

But if someone continues to market and profit from stereotypes that were inspired by a drug trip — or by a rebellion to the opposite extreme — then credibility suffers.

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