XGW recently banned one antigay activist who disrupted the site.

She felt that threatening people, making false statements, refusing to substantiate her accusations, posting off-topic messages across multiple pages, shouting down people’s responses, and intentionally reposting the same identical message over and over were appropriate forms of online conduct and evangelism.

“Friend of Observer,” also someone with an evangelical spirit, responded by posting a much more civil message, but reposted the same identical message across several pages.

I tried to ask Friend via e-mail to refrain from cross-posting the same message, but the given e-mail address was invalid. I posted a message here asking people not to crosspost and to use valid e-mail addresses.

What followed, in this page’s comments section, is a debate among several people, on both sides, about whether and how it is appropriate for antigay people to evangelize gay people.

Addendum: Gay spirituality blogger Joe Perez discusses “How to Respond to Anti-Gay Moralizers.”

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