Students who contemplatively or prayerfully honor a “Day of Silence” in protest against antigay violence and harassment in the schools should be punished, according to Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute.

Ten days ago, LaBarbera threatened Illinois schools and teachers, saying they are endorsing “pro-homosexual protest” if they permit students to honor vows of silence for a day.

In cooperation with the antitolerance group “Concerned Citizens-Safety of Students,” the Illinois Family Institute says it mailed thousands of postcards to rally parents in favor of the status quo in Illinois: Unpunished physical violence and verbal harassment against students who are perceived to be gay. The postcards assert that parents want teaching, not activism against school violence.

The IFI and “Concerned Citizens” also mailed information packets to one district’s administrators “informing them about the other side of the homosexual issue, e.g., the existence of a large and growing ‘ex-gay’ movement.”

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