Village Voice writer Michael Musto accused an unnamed ex-gay activist of making overtures to him, when both happened to be in the green room for a taping of Geraldo Rivera’s show. (Thanks to Jim Barber for the link.)

Actually, Musto didn’t exactly use the word “overture.” What he did say isn’t printable in a family-values blog such as XGW.

Who was this ex-gay activist? The only ex-gay that I find among Geraldo’s recent guests is Stephen Bennett. However, there could have been others.

The creepy-crawly, somewhat dubious scenario painted by Musto reminds me of my own unsettling invitation onto Geraldo’s show. A decade ago, a Geraldo producer wanted me to tell the nation that an experimental vaccine had ruined my health.

While the thought of becoming famous for five minutes was tempting, I told Geraldo’s front man that my health was fine, thank you, and declined the invitation.

Perhaps Stephen Bennett should have done the same thing.

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