The Exodus media blog yesterday promoted a WorldNetDaily item categorically accusing gay parents, who seek marriage to protect their kids, of promoting incest.

Exodus claims that it does not endorse the items on its blog. The purpose of a media blog, after all, is (sometimes) to cover the media without comment. But as I have said before, impartiality is undermined in Exodus’ case by the extreme selectivity of the blog’s sources.

Exodus appears to spend at least an hour or two per day excerpting angry and ill-informed articles from antigay movement sources such as WND, AgapePress, Baptist Press, and ex-gay activists such as Stephen Bennett. Unlike mainstream Christian news media, these sources are better known for their omission of key facts from stories, and for pontification against those who do not share the source’s political or denominational ideology.

After collecting excerpts, Exodus publishes them without any constructive feedback. Exodus blog readers are left to conclude, if nothing else, that Exodus considers its excerpts to be accurate.

Now compare Exodus’ favorable treatment of antigay propaganda to its treatment of mainstream news media articles. Exodus doesn’t link to gay-tolerant or gay-affirming media voices at all, and it is selective in its choice of mainstream media articles: The Exodus media blog offers no excerpts from any of the dozens of mainstream news articles each week that report on school harassment, workplace discrimination, or violence.

In other words, Exodus misleads its blog readers to believe that harassment, discrimination and violence are not happening.

As it happens, Nancy Brown, the contributor of the incest post, has a vested and emotional investment in the issue of parenting: She operates an exgay web site that tells heterosexual parents they are to blame for their children’s homosexuality.

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