Samantha Bee did an investigative news parody on Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Is it a problem, she asks, to publicize the relationships of Silo and Roy? Dr. Dan Wharton, Director of the Central Park Zoo also known as Dr. Love, assures her, when she prods him about unnatural love, that this is nature by definition.

For another perspective, she quizzes Paul Cameron. They talk first in an office setting. Bee cites Chip ‘n’ Dale as examples of gay animals, and questions Garfield‘s orientation, noting that he’s a confirmed bachelor, picky about what he eats, who hates getting his feet wet. “Certainly sounds like a candidate,” answers Cameron.

They shift to a walk-and-talk interview at the zoo, Cameron postulating that “our children should not be taught such a silly thing as penguins can be gay”.

Cameron seems to nod as Bee notes that male-on-male penguin love is gross, and when she follows that with “But, girl-on-girl penguin sex? That’s hot!” his affable expression suggests that he understands his role as comic fodder.

Who knew? His Family Research Institute site offers no clues as to his comic leanings, but maybe he’s taking his cue from humorist Bob Dole.

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