The Human Rights Campaign makes it easy to contact your state and federal elected officials.

Whatever our beliefs about sexuality may be, lawmakers need to hear from you that the “Federal Marriage Amendment” (the Musgrave Amendment) would harm American families and American politics.

The Amendment would alter the U.S. Constitution, the nation’s founding document, to bar states from permitting same-gender marriages AND bar states from recognizing any marriage-like benefits (“legal incidents” of marriage) through civil unions.

Furthermore, many argue, this amendment:

  1. abuses the Constitution to legislate highly controversial social policy,
  2. cheapens marriage by turning it into an election-year political stunt,
  3. imposes federal government-sponsored religious discrimination against the validity of marriages performed by gay-tolerant churches,
  4. violates states’ rights.

At HRC’s Action Center, you can send letters to your lawmakers, contact your local media, and register to vote. Elsewhere at HRC, you can learn about discriminatory state and federal laws, read about gay couples and their families, catch up on news and statistics on antigay violence, and find out what sexual minorities are doing to stop AIDS — and what governments and the religious right are not doing.

Act today.

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