Was he so distracted by a woman’s breast that he overlooked the obvious?

On his personal blog, Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas says:

Tammy [Bruce] is so good. She goes on about the show but also highlights Gov. Dean’s response…and *why* he might have responded that way….

Exposing Viacom’s Indecency

Thomas thinks Bruce is good because she points out that Time Warner contributed handsomely to two Democrats’ campaigns, and somehow that is supposed to explain why Howard Dean believes there are more important issues to American voters than Janet Jackson’s boobs.

Had either Thomas or Bruce sought to convey nonpartisan or logically consistent thinking to their readers, however, they might have also noted — as some conservatives have — that the GOP-controlled FCC sought last year to give Time Warner and other media giants nearly unrestricted control over the nation’s TV and radio stations. They might also have acknowledged that FCC chairman Michael Powell’s free-market sentiments have been an obstacle to lawmakers — both liberal and conservative — seeking to re-regulate media giants.

If the media giants’ behavior seems puerile and adolescent these days, it’s because they view teen-agers as their primary profit center, and a free-market philosophy in Washington allows no-holds-barred tactics to grab teen-audience market share.

Thomas and Bruce are throwing rocks in a glass house. They need not point fingers at others for the sordid state of corporate morality; the blame can be shared by liberals and conservatives alike.

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