Janet Parshall, former spokeswoman for the Family Research Council, operates a Christian Right radio show that appears to uphold themes of joyous secularism.

Exodus executive director Alan Chambers and spokesman Randy Thomas eagerly appeared on Parshall’s show yesterday to support the antigay Federal Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. They preceded their appearance with an enthusiastic e-mail promoting the show to Exodus supporters.

Thomas later said “it went really well I think. Didn’t say a whole lot. She took a bunch of callers.” Thomas neglects to tell his readers what the callers said, or how he responded. He also offers unconditional praise of President Bush, but doesn’t say why.

After all, why explain oneself when one has already chosen not to defend one’s views in discussion with gay-tolerant people, via e-mail or blog comments?

If Thomas were willing to dialogue with the gay people whom he claims to target with his ministry, he would need to explain what Christian principles require that a government representing all faiths and agnostics deny gay couples these responsibilities and benefits (courtesy of Atrios), including several that are difficult or impossible to obtain without marriage.

Thomas would need to explain whether he supports the Fidelity Pledge proposed by the Rocky Mountain Progressive Network.

Thomas would need to explain why he markets the FMA as a ban on gay marriage when, as Jack Balkin explained in November, the plain language of the amendment bans far more than marriage.

And Thomas would need to explain the extent to which he agrees with the Christian Reconstructionist constitutional amendments accompanying FMA. (The Right Christians and Dave Neiwart explain.)

To be fair, Thomas isn’t the only silent one. As Allen Brill notes, the Christian Left’s silence on gay equality allows the Christian Right to falsely portray the debate as one of religion versus secularism and “eternal truths” versus “postmodern relativity.”

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